DPS, Gaya Shines among the Top 5 CBSE Schools in Gaya

Delhi Public School, based in Gaya is one of the top 5 CBSE schools in Gaya, Bihar. The school is recognized by the Department of Education, Government of NCT Delhi, and the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. 

 Delhi Public School, Gaya foregrounds a cultural curriculum in an environment that nurtures eminence in school life. It is located in a lush green, wide open space to ensure that students can experience close proximity to nature. Additionally, it supports children`s innate capacity for learning by fostering the growth of their cognitive and reasoning abilities.

Focusing on Holistic Education

Delhi Public School, Gaya strives to provide education that combines Indian values and the western idea of a responsible approach to knowledge acquisition. A child requires holistic education to succeed in life, both inside and outside school. The idea of skill-based pedagogy is instilled in the basic principles of Delhi Public School. This is why it stands out among the top 10 best schools in Gaya. 

DPS, as an institution, understands that co-curricular activities and academic excellence – both are equally significant. Hence, they regularly organise activities related to both domains. Students get an opportunity to participate in the National Olympiads at regular intervals. Yoga and physical education classes contribute to the physical, emotional, social, and mental tenets of a child`s progress. 

Focus on students’ health and overall growth signifies that DPS comprehensively understands how good health can translate into great life quality in future for a child. More so, they would be able to perform remarkably well in their preferred work areas. The curriculum design for this subject area takes into account the requirements of children at all educational levels in terms of health and physical fitness, paying particular attention to girls and marginalized social groups.

A Safe Space to Grow For Students

A habitat that creates scope for growth by not limiting students but helping them find options to explore in life – this is how you can well-define an institution like DPS, Gaya. As among the top 5 CBSE schools in Gaya, DPS features a stellar infrastructure. It spreads over 7.5 acres and is closely connected with NH 83. The campus stays protected from any unwanted elements through strategically placed surveillance cameras watched by trained security personnel. The beautiful green surroundings are ornamental to the school`s ambience. Due to ongoing efforts to keep every section of the school clean, a fresh, airy environment keeps the environment pure and safe from infections. 

Among other things, there is a stern focus on parental guidance as students spend a majority of their day at home. Taking note of this, the school organises activities and group counselling sessions for parents to help them be aware of what’s best for their children. Authentic and long-term growth truly when students have a flourishing environment at both home and school. Therefore, the school recognises the importance of parental awareness and guidance. 

The Delhi Public School in Gaya finds joy in being a special example of inclusive education that works best for learners, who are sincerely motivated, inquisitive, and independent.

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