An Insight into DPS- One of the Top 10 Schools in Gaya

Delhi Public School Gaya started its journey in June 2013. In less than a decade, it has become one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Gaya. It is a co-educational institution that conducts studies and communication through English medium. The school belongs to the list of 10 best schools in Gaya, affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. 

The Delhi Public School Society, based in New Delhi, manages the school as part of its other institutions. The academic excellence that DPS, Gaya delivers year-after-year, stems from its parent institution. The society is a non-profit organization registered by the society`s Registration Act of 1860.

Prominent educators, lawyers, engineers, and administrators make up the society`s membership. The school vows to uphold the excellence displayed by other Delhi Public Schools in India and internationally to give its students a complete education & make them aware of prior accomplishments. The school is the forerunner of numerous success stories throughout these years while successfully expanding. 

DPS-Best CBSE school in Gaya Bihar

DPS has become a harbinger of the new wave of education in Gaya, Bihar. The school recently got stellar recognition – The International School Award by The British Council. The institution has made a name for itself in the world of education in a short period of time.

Being among the top 10 best schools in Gaya, DPS ensures that learners never miss any opportunity to nurture their skills. Whether it is a co-curricular interest or creative inclinations, the school always promotes sports activities, oratory events, quizzes, and performing visual arts projects. In addition, life skill education is also inculcated in the regular curriculum.

 Teachers and mentors always encourage students to involve in brainstorming activities for their cognitive and overall development.The school strives with faith that young minds can achieve anything they want. The school falls in the category of the top 10 schools in Gaya in 2024. The students learn to acquire knowledge through hard work and perfection.

Through diligent practice, reading, and a desire to learn more, the umbrella of knowledge is designed to maintain itself within the younger students. The learners learn through engaging learning situations for simple retention and all-around development. The peaceful environment of the school grounds encourages the development of growing minds. 

An Overview of the classrooms

Smart interactive boards are well-equipped in the classrooms. The latest technological advances are communicated to the students. Each classroom includes a soft board to display the various works produced by our pupils. Students participate in activities that foster curiosity and improve their social and communication skills.

We want pupils to cultivate independent thought and critical thinking skills so, they can express their uniqueness. Our primary goals when instructing students are to improve their information retention and development of work habits. Our approach to preparing children for the future combines traditional and modern methods. As one of the 10 best schools in Gaya, effective planning and cooperative commitment are present in our principles. We advocate for education that instills in kids the ability to engage in open and multidirectional communication as well as the process of building relationships among families. 

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