General Knowledge for holistic development

General knowledge is an integral part of any educational institute and it is imperative on the part of any institute to enthuse its students to inculcate the general knowledge for their holistic development. General knowledge at DPS Gaya has reached a new zenith by the active participation of its teachers and students.

In DPS Gaya, the students are encouraged to take part in the general knowledge sessions by the teachers in the classroom on a regular basis. Every week the students are sent effective YouTube videos and PDFs to enrich their general knowledge. Later on, the teachers do indulge the students in the quiz activities to test their knowledge. Apart from that, the students are also enthused to take part in the different conclaves where quiz is one of the most important competitions.

DPS Gaya has paid a sustained critical attention to the participation of the students in the various conclaves and in this regard the concerned teachers also play their role in preparing the students to take part in those competitions. Another important aspect which has been effective in the amplification of the interest of the students in the general knowledge in DPS Gaya has been the constant usage of smart classrooms in the school. In DPS Gaya every classrooms are smart classrooms armed with the latest technology which is catered to the benefit of the students. So much so, all the students of this institute are updated to the world news regularly coupled with the national and local news.

In this respect, it is worthwhile to mention that in DPS Gaya, the students are encouraged to read the important topics of the news in the classrooms by the teachers in the different classes’ right from the primary section to the senior secondary section. In the regular school assembly general knowledge of the students does get accentuated by the active participation of the concerned teachers who play a significant role in moulding the students in the institution by preparing the students.

To conclude , it must be noted that DPS Gaya is playing a pioneering role in amplifying the general knowledge of the students in the entire Bihar region and this is what makes this institution one of a kind.

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