What makes DPS Gaya the top school in Gaya?

DPS (Delhi Public School), Gaya undisputedly belongs to the first position amongst the top schools in Gaya. The school is the top schools in the region because of several reasons. Premium education, holistic development of students and an all-inclusive infrastructure are a few reasons behind the success of this prominent institution. While the first two reasons are widely-known and well-explored, there is much to know about the infrastructure of DPS, Gaya. The blog focuses on campus and infrastructure of the school, developed to holistically cater to budding learners. 

A Campus that nurtures all talents

DPS Gaya campus excels in all aspects that a learner requires while spending their formative years in school. The campus is spread across 7.5 acres campus and has excellent access to NH 83. The school is protected from outsiders and any anti-social elements through strategically placed surveillance cameras watched by professional security officers. 

A renowned Indian Architect has designed the campus. The school always includes eco-friendly policies and steps forward towards environmentally-friendly conduct. The planning and construction of DPS Gaya involve the Go-Green concept. These policies make it the best in the top 5 CBSE schools in Gaya

What makes DPS a top school in Gaya?

Discussing the infrastructure of the institution always includes these things

  • A Wi-Fi campus that helps students and teachers engage in uninterrupted internet-based research.
  • Spacious interactive classrooms where students can learn faster
  • Well-stocked library to cultivate reading habits early
  • The updated computer lab that fulfils the new-age technological requirements of learners
  • Upcoming well-equipped resource centre with its well-stocked library,
  • An audio-visual room where students can learn through immersive techniques
  • Multi-media centre that features world-class facilities
  • Laboratories to develop skills in mathematics, computers, languages, science, etc.
  • A half-Olympic size swimming pool that only a few schools have in the region
  • Separate pool for toddlers that help learners develop extra-curricular skills from a young age
  • Play Station for the pre-primary students to keep them engaged and encourage healthy sports habits. 

These are the facilities that make DPS Gaya an exemplary institution. In addition, the school always promotes healthy eating habits. There is no provision for aerated drinks and junk food for students. Well-cultivated and seasoned greenery surrounds the campus. It keeps the surroundings free of pollution and pivots the physical well-being of students. Due to ongoing efforts to keep every section of the school clean, a fresh, breezy environment keeps the environment healthy and free of infections.

The campus also features a multipurpose hall with separate rooms. Students can use the spaces for different co-curricular activities. DPS Gaya has an all-encompassing infrastructure. There are fully-equipped activity rooms for co-scholastic subjects like General Knowledge, Environmental Studies, Instrumental Music, Dance, Value Education, Vocal Music, Arts & crafts and Sports & Physical Education. 

The celebration of diversity and the wide pool of activities available makes DPS Gaya the best among the top schools in Gaya. Young learners require more than just traditional classrooms and DPS gives them space to pursue their passion along with their studies. 

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