Teacher – Parents working together

Teachers and Parents must work in tandem for the growth and development of a child. They need to create an environment that builds a child’s intellectual, emotional and physical well-being. Though a teacher can weave a magic in child’s life, parents are equally responsible for magnifying their growth and development. Working as a team and understanding its importance may work wonders for a child`s future

Basically, parents are the very first teachers of children, they are the ones who look after and guide them to all aspects of life, helping to differentiate between right and wrong. All the good or bad things start from home so parents are by and largely responsible for children`s upbringing and imbibing the right life values to them.

The second guiding force in a child`s life is the school which offers education and other key values that are essential for the evolution of a child. A school’s responsibility not just lies in his or her intellectual or educational growth but also to look after physical, emotional, and character wellbeing.  This should be the school’s responsibility to create such an environment that automatically guides children to progress in all the critical domains of life.

Teachers and parents are often compared with god as they can enlighten the child and show them the appropriate path. Shaping the future of a child is largely in the hands of teachers and parents. The holistic development of a kid is possible only with the collaborative efforts of teachers and parents. They must motivate and encourage kids to learn life values.

Just teaching through books and imparting theoretical knowledge is not enough for the all-around development of a child. He or she must be told to understand the struggles and challenges in all walks of life. After all, success comes only after a lot of hard work and struggle, as a team parents and educators must not shy away to teach these two important values of life, sometimes parents tend to provide too much comfort if not luxury to the kids and this is a blunder on their part. This generally makes children undervalue the importance of hard work and challenges.

This has been observed that kids don’t listen to their parent’s advice they take them for granted but they listen to their teacher’s advice so it is imperative on the teacher’s part to make them understand the values or preaching given to them from parents are equally critical and important for progress and growth.

Simply put the regular and frequent interaction of teachers and parents is a requirement for a child`s holistic growth and progress. A successful career does not mean a successful life, it has to be well-groomed in all key areas. This can only be achieved by the combined vision and efforts of parents and teachers.

DPS Gaya is committed and highly motivated for a child`s holistic growth and it understands and thus emphasizes parent-teacher teamwork. Doing all efforts to maintain a healthy relationship between parents and teachers, this is a policy of the school to maintain a cordial environment that makes a strong connection between school and parents.

WWW.DPSGAYA.COM is an education hub for a student to be groomed in a comprehensive way with equal participation from SCHOOL and PARENTS





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