A holistic approach to education

DPS Gaya is focused on student holistic learning for students which is very important for a child`s all-round development.  Instead of just learning through books holistic learning is a requirement for a better growth of a child.

Holistic learning encourages communication as well as social skills which is a key trait for growth and a remarkable development of a child. It also encourages creative skills as it connects the subject with creativity being intuitive at the same time. As we are in the age of digital era holistic learning is the key to sustainability and growth.

As a child, your mental, physical, social and emotional health is the key for you to make an impact on society. Holistic learning not only encourages growth as an individual but also helps shape you as a strong socially healthy person.

Just being learned and competitive should not be the only goal instead being social and emotionally strong are the merits that are required for an individual to reach greater heights.

DPS Gaya is a twenty-first-century school that truly understands the qualities required for an individual to make a positive impact on society. That is why the approach of learning and education is focused on holistic. Though it is a modern century school it does not mean the old method of teaching is being discarded rather the hybrid mode of teaching is welcomed and exercised at its purest level.

The results of the school in every walk of life are evidence that only all-around development and comprehensive learning enable an individual to understand the values of teamwork, creativity, hard work, intuitiveness. These parameters are the mantras of success for a person on the whole.

Equal importance is given to a child or student`s curiosity to explore things differently or innovatively. The best possible resources are provided to the students to learn even though it is out of the curriculum, this helps to enhance performance to the next level. 

The key factors for holistic learning are listening, asking, and checking, extra care is being taken to imbibe the values to teachers while providing training. This helps them to guide students for comprehensive and meaningful learning.  






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