Modern Day Education

`Education is a learning experience”

It is both the act of imparting knowledge to others and receiving knowledge from someone else.

The ancient education system had a Gurukula methodology that focused on individuals’ skills and abilities, enhancing them to the fullest.  

Modern teaching includes science and technology, more practical methods, and fewer theories. In the age of holding paper and pen, kids are using technologies for playing and studying. Nowadays kids are born with gadgets around them so their education also revolves around technology. Modern education is more effective, diversified, and easily accessible. Online tests, quizzes, animations, videos, infographics can make boring subjects interesting and engaging.

It has been proved by many scientists and scholars, that the audio-visual method of education makes a long-lasting impression on the human mind and is a dynamic way of learning faster.

Technologies are helping humans in the development of their lifestyles and mindset as well. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is switching towards Digitalization so modern education is helping students to adapt it accordingly.

We have all been educated in a teacher-centric classroom, a system where the teacher is upfront and the students are seated in nice neat rows, listening to the lecture and taking notes. This system has been, and to some extent, still forms the core of our education system. Schools have relied on it for decades, and have only recently undergone major changes i.e virtual classrooms.

Living in the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. None of us can deny that it has brought about nothing short of an overhaul of our world, and more importantly of our educational system. From chalkboards to whiteboards and now to smart boards, technology has become our main source of research, knowledge, and teaching.

In addition to listening, modern education includes writing, visualizing, imagining, and thinking skills. Students are exposed to the respected fields where they learn practical utilization of ideas learned in the classrooms.  

The goal of modern education is to focus on ensuring that children are good human beings, problem solvers, decision-makers, and confident enough to face the challenges of life.

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