Delhi Public School, Gaya is devoted towards providing its students an educational atmosphere which is an amalgamation of institutional learning and survival strategies. A school is the place of facilitation of a child’s skills in all areas. DPS, Gaya strives to be an institute which believes in holistic development of a child to be of primary importance. It is dedicated towards shaping up the child for future endeavours. The school is the best school in Gaya and possesses all the modern facilities like swimming pool facility, well maintained playgrounds for different sports.

DPS, Gaya is known for producing best academic results. Every year the school produces best results in NTSE and PMRO. At the very same time, the school promotes critical and creative thinking aligned to the skills of this century in the classrooms and pledges to propagate inclusive teaching and learning practices which are coherent to the modern times. It instills in a child the seed of curiosity and inquisitive attitude towards problems and make them learn the methods which will help in resolving those problems. It further helps in developing a motivating and brave approach towards life in the students. It helps the students in all walks of life to be progressive and comprehensive regarding the execution of life skills. And the foremost thing, which is needed to acquire these comprehensive skills is discipline in life. DPS, Gaya takes keen initiatives to surround the child with an environment which adheres to the rules needed to build up a firm character in each student. Since discipline in life make all other things fall in place automatically, this must be inculcated in the child from the very beginning of childhood.

DPS, Gaya also takes keen initiatives towards providing the child with a pan cultural experience. The child gets a variegated and diversified experience of different sectors of people of the society. This stimulates a sense of respect and responsibility in the child. It develops sensibility in the child regarding the societal norms and contributes to their building of a good character as a responsible citizen of the society. The school is the only school in Gaya which is bestowed with British Council’s International School Award and it is the only school of International stature.

Education is the perfect manifestation in a man and manifesting premium qualitative and holistic education to every child is the motto of Delhi Public School, Gaya. Teaching the child is not a one-way process over here, it is a two-way road where convergence and divergence of knowledge happens. Teaching and Learning goes hand in hand simultaneously. Imparting the child with a holistic knowledge about life and striving to procure them with the best of facilities is always a significant aspect in the workings of our school.

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